May the Forth be with you!

May the Forth be with you!
"Awaken the force with your retail display this May 4th"

In-store promotions out of this galaxy!

To celebrate this years Star Wars day at E M L, we thought we'd share our top tips for in-store promotions with our fellow Jedi to reach their marketing goals!

Gravity Food Dispenser Unit - "The force is strong with this one"

Gravity Food Dispenser unit:

Our Gravity Food Dispenser is the in-store display accessory, offering users a safe and hygienic option for eco-friendly shopping with zero-waste. This sustainable point-of-sale is suitable for: coffee, grains, pulses, nuts, cereal, dog treats, pasta, and any other dry non-perishable goods.

Red pro bin


The octagon 8 panel kit is the perfect multi-purpose in-store display unit!

The Pro-Bin is the ideal point of sale unit to promote any in-store products. With the option to be used in a variety of locations, both dotted throughout a store or placed before check-outs for those last minute buys. 

Paired with our Pro-Bin accessories to showcase prices, offers and promotions they're the quintessential in-store marketing tactic to drive those impulse buys.

A4 Leaflet holder

Leaflet Holders:

Our leaflet holders come with a crystal clear finish perfect for all your brochure needs!

Our leaflet holders come in multiple sizes to hold both brochures or business cards, and placing them in high traffic areas like check-out desks, its the perfect small point-of-sale that can make a massive difference.